• About the company

    Silicon Valley Foundry LLC is an investment and management firm headquartered in San Francisco California.

    It is a holding company that owns equity in several enterprises, as well taking an active management role that drive the strategic, organisational planning, decision making, and execution of the managed enterprises.
  • About the businesses


    The aim of StartupBus is to build a global invite-only community of next generation technology centric do-ers and thinkers. As an organisation, the outputs have traditionally focussed on event and content productions.

    Started in 2010 and still going strong.


    StartupHouse opened to the market in 2012 as a 6000 square foot proof-of-concept building that housed over 500 entrepreners as a “Bed and Desk” facility. It grew into a 11,000 Square foot building across three-stories in the heart of San Francisco where entrepreneurs live, work and are mentored to build on their startups.

    In 2018, we'll have some exciting changes to announce.


    Pre-seed stage

    Utmost is a new venture being incubated to crowdsource the curing of disease. The initial focus is to help people manage their chronic health conditions.


    We can't wait to show you what we've been working on.

    Aussie Founders Network

    The vision behind this venture is to build a network of Australian-founded technology companies whose valuation is $100 billion. The mission is to support, build and elevate the role and impact of the Australian technology community, globally. 
  • Vision

    To create change in the world that ultimately leads to a higher quality of life for us all.

  • Mission

    We're building an entrepreneurial ecosystem by developing people, investing in technologies and incubating companies. Our goal is to see more successful technology startups in the world that can disrupt the status quo.

    934 Howard St San Francisco CA 94013
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